The freshest crepes
healthiest smoothies

Mihran and Jessica were backpacking through Thailand in 2015 when they first had the idea to open Planet of the Crepes. Crepes in Thailand were on every street corner and after more than a few late night treats and obsessing over how good they were, they decided to bring this delicious treat back home to New Jersey for everyone else to enjoy!

At Planet of the Crepes we know what you want from your food. Fresh, delicious, and sometimes healthy. From our all fresh fruits/veggies to our home made batter you can expect your taste buds to have a phenomenal experience every time you visit. All of our food is prepared in front of you, ensuring you’re getting full transparency and quality food you can trust.

We also believe in giving back. We are proud to announce that a portion of all profits will be donated to the Gift of Happiness Foundation in Thailand. They service the poorest parts of Thailand and make sure that children have the educational and medical supplies they need to live a normal and healthy life.

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